About Us

Powering smart technology and e-commerce innovation

AIQ acquires and develops smart technology businesses in the e-commerce sector, with an initial focus on opportunities in and around Southeast Asia.

AIQ was established and listed on the London Stock Exchange as a special purpose acquisition vehicle to acquire businesses in the e-commerce sector with proprietary artificial intelligence and data mining technologies. In March 2020, AIQ completed the acquisition, via a reverse takeover, of Alchemist Codes Sdn Bhd, a software solutions developer in Malaysia with an AI-powered online shopping platform. AIQ is focused on building Alchemist Codes by leveraging the skills, experience and network of the AIQ team, while seeking further expansion opportunities.

Our purpose is to build a smart e-commerce network of businesses that can excel in the digital future of personalisation.

Our Mission

AIQ is focused on acquiring businesses, assets or projects in the e-commerce sector that have embedded value that can be unlocked through the implementation of strategic and operational improvements and synergistic acquisitions. In particular, we believe that social commerce – utilising social media and instant messaging platforms as e-commerce channels – offers significant potential. With digital commerce increasingly transitioning to personalised consumer engagement, we seek opportunities with data mining and artificial intelligence technologies that can provide predictive capabilities and enable user targeting. In this way, we aim to build an international network of small and medium-sized enterprises with unique but complementary offers that, through integration and alliance, can form a smart platform able to thrive in the world of personalised, digital commerce.

We seek opportunities with data mining and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Our Latest Acquisition

Alchemist Codes

Alchemist Codes is a software solutions developer focusing on the e-commerce sector, with two areas of activity: a B2B IT business and an e-commerce solution, OctaPLUS. The IT business provides customised software, web and app development for clients in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, with its primary offering being secure corporate messaging solutions. OctaPLUS is an online shopping platform for consumers in Malaysia that leverages proprietary data analytic tools, including artificial intelligence, to provide personalised experiences for shoppers while supporting retailers with user targeting and analytics. Find out more about our business here.

Our Team

Our team combines decades of experience in software development and business discovery and growth with global capital markets expertise focused on technology.

Li Chun Chung

Executive Director
Mr Li has over 20 years’ experience in assisting companies with their strategic growth. He began his career working for financial planning and wealth management consultancies based in Hong Kong. More recently, he has provided business advisory and mentorship services to companies across a range of industries related to e-commerce and digital business, primarily in Australia and China.

Charles Yong Kai Yee

Executive Director
Mr Yong is the CEO & Founder of Alchemist Codes, which was acquired by AIQ in 2020. He expanded the business from providing secure corporate messaging solutions to offering a full suite of IT solutions and services as well as launching the OctaPLUS e-commerce platform. Previously, Mr Yong developed software for some of the leading institutions and corporations of Malaysia.