Our Business

Alchemist Codes is the wholly-owned subsidiary and operating entity of AIQ

AIQ wholly owns Alchemist Codes, which is currently its only subsidiary. The revenue of AIQ consists of the sales of Alchemist Codes. The Executive Directors of AIQ, Li Chun Chung and Charles Yong Kai Yee, lead the company’s operations, with Mr Yong, as CEO of Alchemist Codes, managing day-to-day activities. The Board of AIQ is responsible for setting strategic direction, overseeing financial position and monitoring the company’s business and affairs on behalf of shareholders. The current focus of AIQ is growing the Alchemist Codes business.

Alchemist Codes

Alchemist Codes is a software solutions developer based in Malaysia. Its core offering is a messaging solution for business customers and an AI-powered online shopping platform, OctaPLUS. Alchemist Codes was acquired by AIQ in March 2020 as the Directors believe that, through their experience, network and access to capital, they can accelerate the rollout of the OctaPLUS platform to capitalise on a market opportunity where demand for e-commerce services has increased but there are few competitors with scale.

Messaging Solution

Built on its ready-made chat solution, Alchemist Codes develops secure messaging apps for customers to launch under their own brand for corporate or consumer use. Each app is customised according to clients’ requirements – offering chat, voice calls, video calls, file sharing and more.


OctaPLUS is an online shopping platform available in Malaysia via web and mobile app. Using sophisticated data mining and AI, it provides a personalised and convenient experience for shoppers and rewards them for their purchases while supporting retailers with user targeting and analytics.